Why aren’t we insane with rage?

David Cameron says he has immense sympathy for those caught in the awful floods in the North of England this week. He has just announced that the government will be doing everything for Yorkshire that they are doing for Cumbria. Everyone caught up in it seems to have got the Dunkirk spirit, helping each other out and doing their best to survive.

But what we need to do now is get angry.

What HAVE David Cameron and his government actually done?

  • failed to tackle climate change, which has increased flooding in both frequency and severity
  • reduced council spending so that budgets for flood defences, emergency services and infrastructure are neglected or cut
  • allowed land management practices which increase the likelihood of flooding (such as funding farmers to keep hillsides treeless)
  • reduced or removed subsidies and support for renewable energy, thus throwing us back on burning fossil fuels
  • allowed fracking to give access to yet more fossil fuels and potentially pollute our drinking water (a propos – I wonder what happens when fracked areas are subject to heavy flooding?)

In other words, NOTHING to prevent flooding, and quite a lot to increase it, and to worsen its effects.

He came back from Paris saying “we have secured the future of our planet for future generations” – but that’s tripe. He can SAY that till he’s blue in the face – his actions speak louder than words. He is wreaking havoc on global attempts to combat climate change and ecological disaster.

Remember, it is not just global warming that is at issue, though the government likes to keep a narrow focus on that because it is easy to get deniers to shout it down. It is the acidification of our oceans, the pollution of our air, the destruction of wildlife habitats, the entry of poisonous chemicals into our biosphere. All of these dangers are being ignored by our leaders.

When will we start to get angry about this? When will get angry with ourselves about the way we treat our environment? When will we get angry enough to do something about it? To go without something so that we can save what we have?

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