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I’ve just heard more about the cuts – £88m for the DCMS. Of course this is likely to be shared out among the different subsections of the department – it has been said that even the Olympics might have to tighten its belt. However, this is likely to result in a substantial hit for Arts Council England and the MLA. Many will see this as unfair as both organisations have undergone extensive pruning over the past three years, and ACE would probably already be able to claim that it is spending only 5% of its cash on administration, as required by the new regime.

There is also to be a cut of £704m for the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and it would be naive to imagine that this won’t affect the arts in each of those nations.

No more detail for now – we’ll have to see how it pans out.

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  1. Will Gompertz at the BBC seems to think the culture cuts will average out at 3% which would be around £13.14 million for ACE. This is what Simon Tait says ACE planners were working on. Tait’s fears that it would be more than £14 million seem to be unfounded as £27 million of the £88 million sought from the DCMS (up from an expected £66 million) will be found from the 2012 Olympics budget. But of course that’s all just this year…

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