Senior moment

I’ve just unleashed a goosh of bile on the Times letters editor – he must be used to it by now – having read a staggering idiotic piece by one Antonia Senior, ‘The fat lady must learn to be a little thinner’. The subheading reads: ‘We cannot justify subsidies for culture – the best will find a paying audience and the rest must go to the wall’.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have another ‘thinker’ who doesn’t know enough about the arts to write on the back of a fag-packet but magically gets given a whole page in the Times to spout her ill-informed nonsense. And another right-wing blow-hard who thinks that every arts experience has to involve buying a ticket – see ‘a right(-wing) laugh’, below. I’m not going to re-rehearse all the arguments, which I’m sure you’ve heard before, but, as I’m sure it won’t be published, here’s the letter I just sent:

Dear Sir

Antonia Senior’s ill-informed polemic against arts funding cannot go unchallenged (The fat lady must learn to be a little thinner, 1st April).  She displays stunning ignorance of the arts sector, completely ignoring its contribution to education, health, training and regeneration, and forgetting that even those venues which she castigates for being ‘middle class’ offer tickets at way below what premiership football clubs charge. The arts actually make money for the country, paying back more in VAT alone than they receive in subsidy. They are also a major attraction for tourism to the UK, and are a vital part of a wider creative sector which is the country’s fastest-growing industry. She also ignores the fact that business in general receives huge support from Government in the form of tax breaks and grants. Why should the arts be excluded from this? They should be recognised for what they are: an essential part of our economy, our identity and our growth. She is also completely out of kilter with the main political parties on this issue – all of which have pledged their support for the sector and recognised its importance.

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  1. Well folks, they did publish it, rather heavily edited.

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