This is the new blog from Catherine Rose, writer, musician and arts manager.

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  1. I am already on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the precious little gems that will drip from your lips into this blog. Enjoy it! And arts sector, watch out…

  2. I am so excited to learn that there will be regular scribblings by Lady Eff, to my mind the finest writer of her generation and therefore the world. Not from her the crude, mindless, grammar-and-syntax-free rantings we are so sadly accustomed to in the national press, but learned, lyrical and yet salty observations on anything that strikes her as irritating, pretentious, wasteful or downright wrong.
    And she’s scrubbed up nice for her piccie.

  3. And the falling snow changes direction when you move your cursor accross the page… heaven all round, really!

    I’ll be recruiting readers.

    • Hi Riles – sad to say that the snow is only temporary – it should last till about mid-January I think. Here of course we have real snow, looking just like the stuff on the site! Lady E

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